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Senior Backend Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • New York, NY
  • Remote friendly

About Batch

Batch is building blazing fast, one-tap checkout for the physical world. We’re bringing the convenience of shopping online into the physical world, creating opportunities for discovery and genuine connection.

If you want to reorder your favorite skincare product, buy a candle that you saw at a friend's house, or shop an artist’s latest merchandise from your seat at a live event — we believe you should be able to do that instantly using your mobile device.

Our initial product is focused on high-intent purchases of CPG products. We let customers reorder from their favorite brands straight from the packaging, as well as powering other high-impact, immersive marketing experiences off of QR codes. In parallel, we're growing our business in the live event world, powering one-of-a-kind merchandising experiences for artists, venues, and festivals.

To demo our product, use an iPhone to scan the QR code on our website.

About the role

We're looking to hire a Senior Backend Engineer, working directly alongside the CTO and a small engineering team. You will help drive the architecture and direction for our modular no-code experience builder (using GraphQL) and improve the performance and reliability of our JSON Checkout API.

Batch has both B2B and B2C components — we sell our software to companies and brands that want to make it easier for their customers to order products. But our core app relies on customers engaging with Batch-enabled products. We need to build both robust tooling for our partner brands, and lightning-fast, immersive experiences for end consumers using the Batch app.

In your first 180 days

We are a seed stage startup so roadmap and priorities can shift. However we anticipate that, in the first 180 days, you will:

  • Build upon our Rails API to serve dynamic experiences to our iOS app

  • Build caching and performance improvements to facilitate instantaneous checkout and payments

  • Build and maintain a GraphQL API supporting our no-code App Clip builder and internal dashboarding tools

  • Build internal tools to improve reliability and backwards-compatibility regression testing

  • Implement analytics and data tracking features about performance to give insight into our clients

  • Provide guidance and recommendations for our product roadmap and customer-facing features

  • Execute on quick prototyping spikes to experiment with new APIs from Apple, Google, Shopify, Stripe and other e-commerce platforms.

What We're Looking For

Our Stack

  • Ruby, Rails 5, Rspec

  • React, Javascript/Typescript, GraphQL (Apollo), TailwindCSS

  • Postgres, Heroku, Codeship, Github, AWS, Cloudfront


  • 5+ years experience building backends for web applications in Ruby on Rails

  • You know the ins-and-outs of Ruby and Rails

  • Is proficient with Rspec and takes a test driven development approach

  • Experience architecting large scale webapps

  • React/Javascript/Typescript familiarity

  • Ownership over products you build and the end customer experience

  • Followthrough taking projects all the way through to tested and deployed to production

We are extra excited if you (not required):

  • Have experience building or consuming GraphQL endpoints

  • Have experience building versioned APIs for mobile apps

  • Are familiar with e-commerce and checkout architectures (products, variants, discounts, etc)

  • Have worked in payments or other high-performance/high-reliability spaces

  • Are familiar with Stripe and Shopify APIs

  • Have worked with multi-tenant architectures and authentication

Engineering Philosophy

Engineering is core to what we do at Batch. Everyone on the team, including designers, sales, and operations all take the time to become more technical and learn how engineering works. We are not a company where tasks get "thrown over the wall" and engineering has to execute on them with minimal input or context. Instead, we collaborate to come up with creative solutions that are efficient, robust, and delightful to the customer.

  • Tradeoffs are real. We realize speed of development, code quality, reliability/testing, and scope are interrelated. We know that reliable, large-scale, production software is hard to build. We want to talk openly about the tradeoffs of moving faster so that we can decide how to scope projects as a team, and not just pretend we can go faster without compromises.

  • Reliability is paramount. We are processing payments and giving consumers an experience they've never had before. We have one chance with a customer to impress and delight them. Having the software break mid-experience will lose their trust forever. We are willing to delay the product roadmap if it means we can build more reliable software. Every week we review our error-free rate and do a retrospective on any bugs that occurred.

  • Complete ownership. We consider features done when they are all the way complete, tested, QA'd, and in production. Code reviews are there to help you, but you are ultimately responsible for your projects and maintaining them.

  • Full stack. We may specialize in one area or another, but we are keen to learn every part of the technology stack. We would rather build the frontend for our feature on our own than be blocked.

  • Estimates are there to help us. We estimate the work we do with Fibonacci points and operate in one-week sprints. Estimates are there to recognize how hard engineering can be and be able to predict how much work we can get done and when we will be able to build that next feature. If we fall behind on sprints, we take a look at our estimates and see where we went wrong. Every week we review our sprint accuracy, sprint bloat

  • Collaborative learning. We take the time to learn and improve at our craft. We value knowledge and want to share what we've learned to teach the rest of the team. We help build each other up will grow together.

  • Customers First. We remember that we are building software to delight the customer. Sometimes that means we can't build things the easy way, but instead challenge ourselves to make our software intuitive and scaleable. Customers don't think in CRUD.

  • Low Chaos = Better software. We work diligently to identify what's urgent and what's important. The better we can methodically plan and execute on software the better it will be. We recognize what's a fire and fix it immediately, because Customers First. But we would rather reflect and improve our process when something goes wrong than use hotfixing as our work style. Every week we measure and reflect on any fires that came up (good news: they're pretty rare!)

Culture & Perks

  • Based in NYC: Our HQ is in Downtown Manhattan in New York City and we generally work east coast-friendly hours. About half of our team lives in NYC and collaborates in the office occasionally.

  • Remote-Friendly: We are a remote-friendly team, and will hire incredible candidates from anywhere.

  • Off-sites: We value in-person collaboration, so we plan to bring the entire team together at least once per quarter, either in NYC or off-site somewhere we can spend a few days together.

We Offer

  • Competitive salary

  • Competitive stock options

  • Comprehensive health benefits (medical, dental, vision, access to OneMedical)

  • Flexible time off policies

  • Book/learning stipend

  • Free lunch in NYC office

  • Quarterly team off-sites

  • Whatever equipment you need to get your job done

  • Generous relocation stipend if you want to move to NYC