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E-Commerce and Fulfillment Specialist

  • Fulfillment & Logistics
  • Full-time
  • US
  • Remote friendly

2022-01-04 21:56:19 UTC

Fulfillment & Logistics CALA Values:

  • Take 100% Responsibility of ensuring that the goods that we produce end up in both the hands of our customers, and their customers.

  • Bring Incalculable Joy to our teammates, our partners, our customers, and their customers by ensuring that both bulk logistics and order fulfillment are quick, easy, cost effective and beautiful.

  • Be The Best by constantly remaining up to date to meet the needs of our teammates, our partners and our customers, while striving to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and best practices in logistics and order fulfillment.

To help realize the CALA values, the fulfillment & logistics associate will be responsible for assisting in operations in the following areas:

  • Management of CALA customer service platform and outsourced customer service team.

  • Oversight of online order fulfillment

  • Develop and maintain analytics for customer service (You own CSAT)

  • Maintenance and documentation of CALA customer accounts as it pertains to fulfillment and logistics

  • Management of CALA customers' E-Commerce platforms

  • Documentation of CALA Fulfillment & customer service processes and procedures

Examples of specific responsibilities and tasks are as follows:

  • Communicating with CALA customers and documenting their fulfillment requirements

  • Develop and maintain analytics for customer service

  • Building and maintaining products and shipping rules inside of CALA customer E-Commerce stores

  • Resolving shipment issues by communicating with carriers and filing claims

  • Working with the F&L Manager to document and maintain procedures

  • Working with internal and external customer service teams

  • Manage internal requests such as QA test shipments, gifting shipments, and fulfillment inquiries.

  • Communication with the operations team on project status and maintaining a list of upcoming completed projects

While this list does cover many of the key tasks that are assigned to this role, it is not exhaustive. Other tasks will be assigned as needed.

Preferred Experience:

  • Working with 3PLs

  • E-Commerce platforms

  • E-Commerce order management and shipping

  • Process management and procedure documentation

  • Customer Service

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with New York, NY, USA
  • Must be a resident of United States