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Control/Integration Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • Medellín, CO

2021-09-21 17:59:22 UTC

Hi everyone!

We are hiring a control or integration engineer, help us to share it!

Kiwibot is looking for an Integration or control Engineering role and it could be an opportunity to join us. You should have the right technical curiosity and understanding to develop new approaches to big problems. Your work will require creativity, innovation, teamwork, and leadership.

Since DAY 1 you will have responsibilities and will develop different and relevant projects.

Common Skills:

  • You need experience in Python (Medium/High), C++(Basics/Medium), ROS/ROS2 (Medium), Docker (Low/Medium), Git (Medium), development environments, good documentation and coding practices, previous integration some of APIs, some sensors (Lidars 2D, 3D, Stereo Cameras, Cameras, IMU, GPS) by most common protocols, ARM architectures, IoT platforms and services. [ Chill if you don't have it all, you'll learn :) ]

As a Control Engineer:

  • You’ll have to plan, research, develop, and code/integrate path planning, control, location architectures in the stack of Kiwibots Software.

  • Drive architectural and design decisions including sensor and actuator selection from a holistic perspective to produce controllable systems.

As a Integration Engineer:

  • Design and implement controllers and estimators for robotic subsystems and integrated systems. Lead system integration and bring-up efforts. Validate performance, expose issues, and identify root causes. Assess the impact of issues on the Robot's system.

  • Directly support systems engineering efforts, participate in safety analyses, and contribute to design, and reviews.

The Ai&Robotics Team: We believe robotics can play a significant role in the final solution for the last mile delivery problem, we want to further develop the areas of control, perception, vision, and analysis systems for making delivery easier, faster, and safer for people and or robots. Other teams won't say it, but we are the best team :)

Role: As a Ai&Robotics Engineer, you will work closely with roboticists, hardware, software developers, and machine learning engineers. You will ensure robotic system requirements are achieved through design analysis and characterization, controller design, system integration, and test programs to deliver robust and performant kiwibots.

Location: Medellin Colombia, Our office is located in one of the most popular and best places in the City (Poblado)(Remote work is not an option, you’ll see later why, but team/group remote work it is).

Benefits: Flexible schedules, prepaid medicine, a place to learn and grow, the best leader.