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Machine Learning Engineer

  • Product Management
  • Full-time
  • Medellín, CO
  • Remote friendly

2021-12-07 14:34:25 UTC

Role: Machine Learning Engineer

At Kiwibot we are building the most reliable, friendly, and efficient robot platform that allows every person or business to offer and receive affordable and safe delivery service. We are the leading robotic platform with the traction of more than 150.000 successful deliveries in multiple locations in the USA.

Kiwibot is looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer role and it could be a great opportunity to join us. You should have the right technical knowledge and understanding of common and novel computer vision, and machine learning techniques to support and develop new algorithms, and create solutions. You should also have proven experience designing, developing and deploying machine learning solutions on real world applications. 

As a Machine Learning Engineer : You will report directly to our Head of AI & Robotics.

A day in the job may include:

  • Implement, train and iterate vision based deep learning models.

  • Train models on Cloud on single and multiple GPUs. 

  • Design and implement data pipelines for storing and processing thousands of images and videos.

  • Design and integrate with third party labeling company API for upload and ingestion of data and labels. 

  • Design and implementation of data harvesting from current fleet operations. 

  • Create data visualization tools for data analysis and debugging. 

  • Evaluate the quality of labeling of data.

  • Design and iterate labeling instructions that produce high quality labels.

  • Implement, design and manage databases of images, videos and metadata associated with them.

  • Optimize models for performance on constrained environments.

  • Deploy trained models on-premise integrated with the rest of the robot’s software stack.

  • Report of training procedures, error analysis, data review.

  • Offline database analysis for getting insights, generating labels automatically, doing anonymization, etc. 

This job might be the right for you if:

  • You have knowledge of Python and scripting (advanced) 

  • Git (intermediate/advanced) 

  • Docker, docker-compose (advanced) 

  • Scrum and agile methodologies 

  • Vast experience with deep learning frameworks like pytorch/tensorflow 

  • Experience with one or more cloud providers (advanced), GCP is a plus 

  • Deep understanding of DL techniques like CNN, LSTM, RNN, Transformers

  • Hands on with semantic segmentation algorithms, object detection or depth estimation.

  • Experience using and implementing RESTFULs services 

  • Terraform/pulumi knowledge for deploying solutions 

  • Experience with some MLOps, MLFlow is a plus 

  • SQL and no SQL databases (advanced). BigQuery is a plus 

  • ROS or ROS2 (basic) is a plus 

  • C++ (intermediate) is a plus 

  • Experience with sensor technologies is a plus (Lidars 2D, 3D, Stereo Cameras, Cameras, IMU, GPS) 

  • Strong English level, both written and spoken.

Location: Medellin, Colombia (Remote friendly)

What we offer you: 

As your career progresses, we commit to develop and advance your career. We aim to put together personalized training for every employee through a blend of training that includes: 

  • Opportunity to join a fast-growing startup and help shape and establish the company’s industry leadership in robotic last-mile delivery

  • Competitive compensation package

  • Targeted in-house training and on-the-job training and experience

  • Tailored coaching 

  • Being part of one of the top Tech Start-Ups in Latin America that is operating in the US market